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Best Dressed Young Man

Tommy Gun Flash & J Bird Regulator

Bessed Dressed Soiled Dove/Madame

Lil Iron Lucille, Hawk Woman, Eleanor Jewel


Bessed Dressed Silver Screen / TV Lady

Pinky Tuscedaro, Mrs Doc Noper, Elenor Jewel


Bessed Dressed Lady

Lil Tink, Lainey Mae, Ms Blazin

Bessed Dressed Saloon/Gambler

Lil Feller & Sarge


Bessed Dressed Silver Screen / TV Man

Blue Eyed Drifter, Horse Whisperer George Metis, Lightning Bill Carson


Bessed Dressed Military

Sixgun Scotsman, Rouges Pierre, Rodent


Bessed Dressed Man

RJ Law, Riverview Rattler, Black Irish Brian


Bessed Dressed Couple

Crazy Mingo & Sandy, Sarge & Dorothy, Horseman's Tweed & Horseman's Trouble


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