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Wolverine Rangers


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Note:  Contact the Web Dude to place an ad (current Wolverine Rangers members only.)
All items listed must be Cowboy Action Shooting related.  Ads will be kept for approximately six months
or until the webmaster is notified to remove the ad or at the Wolverine Ranger's discretion.
These are private transactions.  The Wolverine Rangers have no involvement whatsoever.
Items listed here are merely a courtesy to our membership.

Note:   All items are "For Sale" unless otherwise noted.

357 Rifles for Sale

1894 Marlin Cowboy Limited. 357 Mag. 24 inch barrel $1000

1894C Marlin Carbine. 357 Mag 18.5inch barrel $900

Inter Arms Model 92 357 Mag. 20 inch barrel, #1208 of 2000 $650


Contact Wildcat Maverick 810-650-9893


Support High School Trap Team

Normally the classifieds is for Wolvering Ranger members, but we made a special exception for a good cause. A person donated a lot of supplies to the Saling High School Trap Shooting Team

This link is to a Google page that gets updated on what's still available.

Link Here for List of parts/supplies.

Good luck



For Sale:

My gain is your gain - thanks to Covid, I'll probably never fit into this jacket again.

The tag says size 44 - but it's a little tight for that. If you are on the bigger side of size Large shirts, it'll probably be too tight. Perfect for a Medium or a smaller Large.

I can't guarantee you'll shoot faster or cleaner wearing this, but you will look stylin' while shootin'. All for the low cost of $50.


The Lost Egg (Jeff Jaje)
586 612 0857



For Sale:

For Wolverine Rangers Members in need of primers, the following are available for sale.

5000 Winchester WLP Large Pistol Primers ($40 per 1000)
5000 Remington Large Rifle Primers ($40 per 1000)
3400 #209 Shotshell Primers ($40 per 1000)
500 CCI Large Pistol Primers ($20)
400 Federal Large Rifle Primers ($16)

4 boxes of 25 Magtech Brass Shotgun Hulls ($20 per box)

Three Gun Cole (David Cole)