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Wolverine Rangers


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Note:  Contact the Senior Web Lady to place an ad (current Wolverine Rangers members only.)
All items listed must be Cowboy Action Shooting related.  Ads will be kept for approximately six months
or until the Senior Web Lady is notified to remove the ad or at the Senior Web Lady's discretion.
These are private transactions.  The Wolverine Rangers have no involvement whatsoever.
Items listed here are merely a courtesy to our membership.


Note:   All items are "For Sale" unless otherwise noted.

*** PRICE DROP ***

Uberti 1860 Henry Rifle, 44-40 caliber, reloading dies, bullet mold, extra cases.  Excellent condition.
Brass has a beautiful patina or you can polish back to bright.   $875  now $750 

1860 Uberti/Henry

1860 Uberti-Henry

Contact:  Panhead Pete at 734-812-5679  

Posted 11/23/18

** Both good starter  guns **

Hartford 357 lever action, 12 ga -$400
Hartford  Hartford

12ga , outside hammers - $225

12 ga   12 ga

Contact:   Bulldog Jim at  or 231-587-8040

Posted 06/11/2018

Uberti Remington 1858 New Army Conversion, .45 Colt, 7" barrel, "new," never fired.  $445

Armi Sport 1865 Spencer, .45 Colt, maybe 250 rounds through it.
Very fun to shoot and I'd rather not sell it, which is why the price is firm.
One thing:  If you use this in a match, no one will ever accuse you of shooting too fast.
Comes with ammo box and loading tubes.  $1175 firm.

Pedersoli Remington Rolling Block.  45/70, bought used but I've never fired it.
Coin silver forearm cap.  I'm not sure of the exact model, but it has a set trigger,
and a blade front sight, and came with a buckhorn rear sight which I have replaced
with a Pedersoli long-range tang sight fitted with a Hadley variable-aperture eyecup.  $1495

Cimarron Sharps McNelly carbine, 45/70, ladder rear sight, blade front sight, Texas Ranger markings.
Msg 2005.  50 rounds or so through it. $1175

Prices are as suggested by the Blue Book of Gun Values, and I'm open to dickering,
except for the Spencer (that is firm).  No trades wanted, please don't ask.

I'm generally willing to meet you somewhere within a couple of hours for a face-to-face.

Contact:  Badlands Beady at or 517-974-2032 and leave a message.

Posted 12/05/17