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Wolverine Rangers



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Wolverine Rangers
Cowboy Action Shooting in Michigan

11/10 PAST RANGE WAR SCORES - The scores from 2000 have finally been located by Leadfoot Luke who found them on a computer that had been used for Wolverine Rangers business in the past.  The scores are not detailed by any means but gives us a brief glimpse as to what happened in 2000.  A big "thank you" to Luke for closing the chapter on our past Range War scores.
11/2 EPITAPH - The November Epitaph is available to view, download and/or print.
10/21 RANGE WAR PHOTOS FINALIZED - Photos from Range War 2018 are posted on the Range War page under Range War 2018 Photographs.  If you would like a larger file for a good enlagement you can request it from Longshot Lillian.  A big "thank you" to Longshot Lillian for taking on this huge project again this season!
10/17 GUNSMOKE, MIDWEST REGIONAL RESULTS - Congratulations to all of our shootin' pards!
Held September 12-15 Morristown, Minnesota
276 shooters scored
* Deuce Stevens - Overall Winner, Clean Shooter, 1st Wrangler, Midwest Regional Overall Champion
* Doc Noper - 1st Senior, Clean Shooter, Midwest Regional Champion
* Ethan Callahan - 1st Classic Cowboy, Clean Shooter,  Midwest Regional Champion
* hOOt Hamilton - 1st Cattle Baron, Clean Shooter, Midwest Regional Champion
* Shiloh Red - 1st Senior Duelist, Midwest Regional Champion
* Three Gun Cole - 1st 49er, Clean Shooter, Midwest Regional Champion
* Bulldog Jim - 11th Senior, Clean Shooter
* Card Shark Charlie - 3rd Senior, Clean Shooter
* Chica - 7th Lady Silver Senior
* Crazy Mingo - 5th Frontier Cartridge
* Drover Dan - 3rd Senior Duelist
* Hey Sugar - 2nd Lady 49er, Clean Shooter
* Kid Al Fred - 9th Senior Gunfighter
* Lainey Mae - 5th Lady Senior
* Laredo Van - 16th Elder Statesmen, Clean Shooter
* Leadfoot Luke - 5th Gunfighter, Clean Shooter
* Riverview Rattler - 18th Silver Senior
* Yip E Kia - 10th Silver Senior

Updated: November 10, 2018