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Wolverine Rangers


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Michigan Rattler's first cowboy boots


Count em Cody

Crazy Nate


Pistol Packin Rod


Panhead Pete


Michigan Rattler


Yip E. Kia


Clay Creek


Hey Sugar


Leadfoot Luke


If you are joining or renewing your membership with the Wolverine Rangers,
you can use a paper application form and mail it along with your check
or you can use the online application form and pay by debit or credit card
through PayPal.  You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to use this
method of joining or renewing.   Click on your choice of renewing below.
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Wolverine Rangers members - Do you have a picture of yourself in cowboy duds in your
young or younger years before you started Cowboy Action Shooting?  Send a .jpg file
to the Senior Web Lady to be included here on the Officers and Members webpage.

R. J. Law
First Lieutenant
Bad River Marty
Cosmopolitan Christine
Clean Match Administrator
Sinola Kid
Range War Match Director and Range Master
Deuce Stevens
Epitaph Editor
Outrider Outlaw
Range War Range Director
Border Town Hombre
Facebook Administrator
Gunner Gatlin
Range War Side Match Director
Straight Arrow Hombre
Marketing Director
Sixgun Scotsman
RO Instructors
Member Services
Lainey Mae / Card Shark Charlie
Senior Web Lady
Laporte Lil
Club Representatives
Big Bad Jim (Fenton) Lainey Mae (Rockford)
Catlow (Member-at-Large) Leadfoot Luke (Member-at-Large)
Chili Pepper Pete (Member-at-Large) Longshot Lillian (Member-at-Large)
Coyote Claxton (Utica) One Son of a Gun (Central Lake)
Crazy Mingo (Scottville) Rainmaker Ray (Plymouth)
Dakota Doc (Member-at-Large) Riverview Rattler (Breckenridge)
Dakota Fats (Hastings) Sarge (Plymouth)
Doc Noper (Member-at-Large) Sauk Trail Mike (Sturgis)
Duke Dakota (Saginaw) Sauk Valley Stubby (Sturgis)
Grubby Hardrock (Fenton) Slippery Pete (Hastings)
hOOt Hamilton (Member-at-Large) Steady Eddie (Member-at-Large)
Horse Keeper (Lapeer) Straight Arrow Hombre (Scottville)
Horse Whisperer George Metis (Lapeer) Tessa Two Gunner (Rockford)
Howling Coyote (Port Huron) Trusty Rusty (Central Lake)
J.J. Longley (Utica) Wildcat Maverick (Port Huron)
Kid Al Fred (Breckenridge)  
2017 - 2018 Wolverine Rangers Members
A - C D - K L - R S - Z
Amarillo Phil D K Tracker Lady Bandit Samauri Hunter
Andy Horshurodinon Dakota Doc Lady Bluebird Sandy Cheeks
Annabelle Crow Dakota Fats Lady Lightning Sanilac Jack
Attica Jack Dar B Shureshot Lady Vixen Sarge
Au Sable Hunter Deadeye Dalton Lainey Mae Sassafras Sally
Avalanche Andy Desperado Corrado Lana Rebel Sassy Sue
Axle Shaff Deuce Stevens Laporte Lil Sauk Trail Mike
Backlash Jack Deuces Uncle Johnny Laramie Mack Sauk Valley Stubby
Bad Brass Dirty Bart Laredo Van Scholfield Ranger
Bad River Marty Dirty Dave Laurie L'Amour Secondhand Jack
Badlands Beady Doc Noper Leadfoot Luke Sergeant Dynamite
Baldy Bill Doc Roy L. Pain Left Eyed Lizzie Shakey Puddin
Beaver Creek Boy Dodge City Dick Lefty Wheeler Shiloh Red
Ben Craig Dragon Dix Leo Lobo Shootin Old Coot
Big Al Drover Dan Leo The Kid Shotgun Bill
Big Bad Jim Duel'in Dylan Lightning Bill Carson Single Barrel Bob
Big Duke Duke Dakota Lightning Wayne Sinola Kid
Black Irish Brian Dutch VanSickle Lone Gunner Sixgun Scotsman
Black Mountain Ranger Dynamite Daryl Lone Lawman Slippery Pete
Black River Bill Eleanor Jewel Longshot Lillian Slo Mo
Border Town Hombre Ethan Callahan Manton Ranger Snareman
Boss Wheelwright Faygo Kid Marshall CJ Lawless Snuffy Dave Edwards
Bowie Colt Winchester Federal Lawman Marshall Washburn Spartan Johnny
Briscoe Callaghan Flat Water Johnny Matt Dillon Split Aces
Broke N' West Fraser Fox Mesquite Mark Spring Valley Cathy
Buckeye Juice Frazee Ridge Michigander Square Shake Lake
Buggy Man Ginger Sass Mike E. the Blaster Steady Eddie
Bulldog Jim Goodshots Gettem Mike Fink Steeldust Jack
Buslin' Belle Grateful Lead Miss Elaineous Stone Cold
Cactus Kay Grizzly Bear Pete Miss Misery Stoneface Marshall
Cactus Lawman Grubby Hardrock Miss N Money Straight Arrow Hombre
Cajun Yankee Grubby's Gal Moe Gunns Strongbox Phil
Calico Belle Gunner Gatlin Mr. Beerbelly Willie Swearen Jen
Camptown Gunslinger Ms. Blazin Sweet Lorraine
Card Shark Charlie Hadley Pat Mustache Kid Tanqueray Kid
Cathouse Lin Hair Trigger Elden Nine Finger Bob Teton
Catlow Hard Hammer Hoss No Name The Dowagiac Kid
Cayuse Jack Hardtabe Humbolt Old Doc Potter The Lady
Centerhorse Harmonica One Son of a Gun The Plymouth Kid
Chica Hawk Woman Onyx The String Cheese Kid
Chili Pepper Pete Hazel Miner Outrider Outlaw Three Deuces McKee
Clay Creek Heck Wiltse Panhead Pete Three Gun Cole
Clint Chisum Henry Moon Shine Paniolo Pono Trail Wench
Cody Wales Hey Sugar Paul Puma Tres Hombres
Coffin Nail Bob High Chin Bob Pistol Packin Rod Trick Shot
Colonel Blaze Hondo Dan Poco Loco Turquois Vixen
Colt McCloud hOOt Hamilton Poncho J Tuscosa
Colter Horse Keeper Professor Bear Roar Twisted Pine Pete
Cool Hand Carl Horse Whisperer George Metis Quick Draw McKraw Two Guns Tim
Cosmopolitan Christine Horseman Tweed R. J. Law Two Shot Tinly
Count em Cody Horseman's Trouble Rainmaker Ray Valley Boy
Cousin Gary Howlin Mad Ramblin Ron Vincent Van Vleet
Coyote Claxton Ira Bigelow Rancher Roy Wall-Man
Crabby Hayes J. A. Wilder Ranger Jack West Virginia Slim
Crazy Mingo J. C. Wade Red Bear Bob Wiiwan
Crazy Nate J.D. Red Beard Bandit Wildcat Maverick
Curly Dave Hiccup J. J. Longley Riverview Rattler Wildcat Rose
  J. R. Hammer Rodent Wolverine Wrangler
  Jim Hume Rogues Pierre Yip E. Kia
  Katie Callahan Rosa Rose  
  Kentucky Drifter Roxie LaRue  
  Kid Al Fred Ruby Red Jo  
  Kid Orion Runnin Iron  
  Kimber Blaze Rustler Rob  
  KJ Stevens Rusty Axle  
  Krazy Legs Kay    


Updated: January 29, 2018

Ethan Callahan R.J. Law Carolina Cowboy
Pokey Packrat Wolverine Wrangler Laporte Lil