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Wolverine Rangers


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The Wolverine Rangers proudly support the Kimberly Anne Gillary Foundation and the
SASS Scholarship Foundation, offering links to their websites so you can contribute to them directly.

We have had more than one Wolverine Rangers member
who has benefited from the SASS Scholarship Foundation.


The primary goal of the Kimberly Anne Gillary Foundation is to place an AED (defibrillator)
in every high school in the state of Michigan.  The AED and the necessary training
of faculty members is provided free of charge by the Foundation.

 The Wolverine Rangers have raised $37,780 to fund 20 AED's
which is included in the $1,277,000 and 676 AED's total for the Foundation.

Read a recap of five lives saved by the Kimberly Anne Gillary Foundation AED's
donated by the Wolverine Rangers through fundraising at past Range War's
and past local monthly shoots.  If you have any questions,
please contact the Gillary Foundation Administrator.
Thank you in advance for your support!