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Wooly Award

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Wolverine Rangers



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Wolverine Rangers
Cowboy Action Shooting in Michigan

Winner of the 2018 SASS Wooly Award for best match.

09/18 NEW RANGE TO SHOOT & MORE UPDATES - Washtenaw Huron River Regulators are now on the calendar. Match results for Utica & Breckenridge are live. Utica's Oct 1st 3-gun is canceled and has changed into a plate rack match.
09/16 FENTON RESULTS - WEB UPDATES - Fenton's Sept 10 match results posted. Range War results live. Webmaster is back from vacation, feel free to send club updates, Range War picturess, etc, and we'll try to get them up. Also, Sept Epitaph is online.
09/03 PLYMOUTH & LAPEER & WEB UPDATES - Plymouth's match that was listed on the calendar as Sept 30th is moved to the 23rd. Lapeer is still shooting a regular match on October 1st, just there will not be a Wild Bunch mini match after.
Also - the webdude will be on vacation from Sept 7th through the 15th. If you have any web updates please get them in before the morning of Sept 6th.
08/27 RANGE WAR UPDATES - Updates including shooters, categories, and shooter handbook available on the RangeWar page.
Results up for Plymouth & Saginaw.
08/25 PLYMOUTH UPDATES - Plymouth says their match Saturday 26th is on, and they will use inclement weather setup under the awning. Lunch as usual. From Sarge.
08/24 SAGINAW & OTHER UPDATES - Saginaw shoots this Saturday, and is dedicating the match to Secondhand Jack. There will be a brief memorial after the shoot to honor Jacks' memory.
Scores up for Sturgis & Breckenridge.
There are two New Model Vaqueros and a Rfile in the classifieds
08/14 RO 1 CLASS AT RANGE WAR - Sarge will be teaching an RO 1 class on Thursday, Aug 31 at the Blue Water Sportsman Association clubhouse - more details here. Results up for Hillman and Fenton.
08/12 BUFFALO RIFLE - There is a new listing for a Buffalo Rifle in the Classifieds. Scottville and Bellaire scores up as well.
08/10 SCORES UP - Scores up for Lapeer, Hastings and Utica Wild Bunch. Also Hastings has a Facebook Page called Hastings Cowboys for pictures and last minute updates.
08/04 RANGE WAR, EPITAPH, AND OTHER UPDATES - Check out who is already signed to shoot Range War, plus Round Count is posted. August Epitaph available. Hillman Scores for their 2 day match and Saginaw Wild Bunch scores from July are up.
07/31 UPCOMING FENTON MATCH - Check out the tentative stages for thge August 13 Fenton match on their Butcher Butte Bunch Facebook Page. Registration begins at 8:45. match begins at 9:30. First time shooters at Fenton only pay $5.00 and one lucky person will win a free future match.
07/24 JULY STUFF ADDENDUM TOO - Scores up for Utica WB, Plymouth, Central Lake. More cowboy stuff in classifieds. Clean Shoot for 2023-2024 updated
07/17 JULY STUFF - There will be another Wolverine Rangers board meeting after the shoot (and pig roast) at Breckenridge on Saturday, August 19. Also results up for Saginaw, Scottville, and Utica.
07/14 GOLF CARTS - RANGE WAR - Golf cart rental for Range war is up and available on the Range War page - and also at THIS LINK.
06/15 MORE JUNE UPDATES - Lots of documents added to the Range War 2023 page.
If you forgot to re-up your Wolverine Rangers membership, you still can, and there are no late fees.
We have a new vendor for Range War, Paparazzi Pahl Photography, welcome and thank you.
04/17 MANY UPDATES - There is a special letter (pdf) about the 25th anniversary of Range War, including your chance to design a stage. Scores up for Hillman, Sturgis, Utica, and Breckenridge. There are some lowered prices on stuff in the classifieds. The Members list has been updated. If you have not signed up as a Wolverine Rangers member for 2023 yet, hurry up :-)
04/06 GENERAL UPDATES - The Range War online and PDF Shooter & Vendor applications are available.
The Wild Bunch Shootout at Bloody Porch online and PDF Shooter & Vendor applications are available.
The HighWall in Classifieds has a new lower price, get it before it's gone.
04/02 RANGEWAR - CANADIAN INVITATION - The invitationletter for our friends to the North is online, or click here.
03/22 HOLLOW BASE PROJECTILES - It has come to our attention that some hollow base 45 caliber projectiles have been approved for use in SASS CAS & WBAS. These bullets have a small dimple in the nose, but are not considered hollow points. See the PDF here.
07/25 WILD BUNCH IN THE NEWS - MLive has a story about the Michigan State Wild Bunch Match. Check it out

Updated: September 18, 2023