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Wooly Award

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Wolverine Rangers



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Wolverine Rangers
Cowboy Action Shooting in Michigan

Winner of the 2018 SASS Wooly Award for best match.

04/18 RANGE WAR 2021 GOLF CARTS! - Information for reserving golf carts for Range War is on the Range War Page.
04/13 STURGIS ANNOUNCEMENT! - Posse Up! The Stages are set for our April 18th Season Opener. Registration and side shoots start at 8:30 AM. The Mandatory Safety Meeting starts at 9:45 AM
preceding the Main Match. Match cost is $15 and Lunch will be served after main match cost is $3, we will have plenty of bottled water on hand for everyone. We have added a 22 Combo Side Match and we will offer Mens and Women's 22 Main Match category's. Looking Forward to another great year of Cowboy Shooting at the Valley. Johnny Rebel
04/11 ACCUMULATED NEWS! - Results are live for Lapeer on April 04 and Fenton on April 11. If going to Utica on the 18th, there are Covid restrictions in place until otherwise noted. Until further notice, Plymouth will not be serving lunch, and shooter fees are reduced accordingly. Lastly, the May 8 date for Saginaw did not make the printed calendar, but it is scheduled and is on.
03/13/21 HILLMAN 3-DAY SHOOT! - Hillman is doing a three day shoot July 30-Aug1 - Download a PDF with more information.
03/10/21 CALENDARS! - The printed calendars will be shipping soon. You don't want to miss out, so make sure you renew your registration today (or tomorrow, but today is definitely better)
03/03/21 UPDATES! - The Calendar has been updated to include a Hillman weekend shoot at the end of July. Also the vendor application for Rangewar is live.
02/09/21 NEW 2021 APPLICATION! - The PDF to join or renew membership with the Wolverine Rangers by check has been updated for 2021-2022. Also, a stylin' leather jacket is in the classifieds.
02/03/21 LOST ANOTHER PARD! - With a sad heart we announce the passing of William "Baldy Bill" Jones. See our In Memoriam Page for more information.
01/14/21 ELECTION RESULTS! - There were a total of 56 member votes this election.
Captain (two year term) - Sinola Kid
Secretary (two year term) - Carolina Belle

Members at Large (One year term)
Doc Noper
Hey Sugar
hOOt Hamilton
J.C. Wade
J.J. Hunter
Shiloh Red
Steady Eddie

Congratulations to everyone, and we are looking forward to a great 2021.
01/12/21 CHANGES AND DATES FOR BRECKENRIDGE! - Good news, their 2021 dates are up on their club page. Their shooting fees have been updated as well. Hillman Results from Jan 09. Lastly - Primers available on the Classifieds Page (We bet they will go quick).
12/22 MATCH RESULTS HILLMAN! - Yep, cowboys are shooting at Hillman still. You can too. Latest results.
10/08 HILLMAN ADDED SOME INDOOR WINTER SHOOTS - Check the calendar for some new indoor shoots added to Hillman. Added scores for the two day Lapeer match.
10/05 OCTOBER EPITAPH and SOME RANGE WAR PICTURES UP - October Epitaph is up, and we started adding the pictures Longshot Lillian (many thanks to her for the hard work involved) took from Rangewar. So far we have the awards and Main Match available.
09/06 RANGE WAR 2020 RESULTS - Range War 2020 is over, and we'd like ot thank our competitors, and wish them safe journeys home. Results can be seen on the regular Range War Page - or on the page of all Past Range War results.
05/30 SASS NOTICE TO CLUBS ABOUT COVID-19 - SASS made a PDF available for clubs regarding recommendations as matches open back up. It's available at the calendar or direct download by clicking here (.pdf file)
03/11 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Rockford Regulators are in need of someone to take over the matches for 2020, starting in April. Training will be provided so no one is left high and dry. Currently they have no matches on the calendar, it's your chance to leave your mark on the sport. Contact Charles Shipaila

Updated: April 18, 2021