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Wooly Award

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Wolverine Rangers



American Flag

Wolverine Rangers
Cowboy Action Shooting in Michigan

Winner of the 2018 SASS Wooly Award for best match.

08/05 RANGEWAR UPDATES - Check out the list of shooters signed up so far, and the campfire wait list on the Range War page.
08/03 NEW EPITAPH - The August Epitaph is available. Scores for Aug Hastings and Bellaire are live also. Plus - check out the classifieds for a new gun cart for sale.
07/28 RANGEWAR UPDATES - There is a new updated information document regarding Range War - Download the PDF to see it.
07/28 BRECKENRIDGE 2-DAY SHOOT + OTHER NEWS - We have news that although the Breckenridge August 14 & 15 2-day shoot is on, due to circumstances beyond their control, the pig roast portion is off. More details on other changes as they become available.
August 2nd is the annual Hawaiian Shirt Shootout at Lapeer. Hawaiian shirts and surfer shorts welcome.
07/13 GUNSMOKE & NEW RESULTS - The Gunsmoke SASS Midwest Regional (flyer here) is Sept 16-19 in Morristown, MN. Results up for Hastings, Saginaw, and Fenton. (Match Results)
05/30 SASS NOTICE TO CLUBS ABOUT COVID-19 - SASS made a PDF available for clubs regarding recommendations as matches open back up. It's available at the calendar or direct download by clicking here (.pdf file)
04/13 RANGE WAR 2020 - Added invitation for our Canadian neighbors to the North (just leave your geese at home please). Also added the Cancallation policy and Disclaimer. See the Range War Page
03/11 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Rockford Regulators are in need of someone to take over the matches for 2020, starting in April. Training will be provided so no one is left high and dry. Currently they have no matches on the calendar, it's your chance to leave your mark on the sport. Contact Charles Shipaila

Updated: August 5, 2020