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Wooly Award

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Wolverine Rangers



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Wolverine Rangers
Cowboy Action Shooting in Michigan

Winner of the 2018 SASS Wooly Award for best match.

08/04 UPDATES - August Epitaph available. Hillman 2 day, Sturgis and Wild Bunch State Match results posted. Clean shooters updated. Some updates to Andy's estate in the Classifieds.
08/03 RANGE WAR UPDATES - The Range War page has been updated with: Round Count, Side Match info, category list, Who's coming, updated BWSA map, updated schedule, etc. Check it out.
08/02 COPS v COWBOYS - Registration is open for Fenton's Cops vs Cowboys shoot - Spots are limited so sign up early. Proceeds go to charity. Let's show everyone how fast cowboys can be.
07/25 WILD BUNCH IN THE NEWS - MLive has a story about the Michigan State Wild Bunch Match. Check it out
07/25 Annie Oakley Shoot - Plymouth will be hosting a womens only event, the Annie Oakley Shoot, on June 25, 2023. Camping available. Check it out.
07/17 UPDATES - Scores are up for Breckenridge and Utica. New 45/70 Highwall and shiny revpolvers in classifieds. Updated clean shooter page. Also, get your Range War app in soon, if you want the t-shirt included vs paying extra after the early bird deal. Next weekend is the Michigan State Wild Bunch meet at Saginaw, even if not shooting, go and watch if you can.
07/11 SPECIAL EVENT - Cops versus Cowboys charity shoot at Fenton on Sept 24th. This one sounds pretty exciting, and we all know who is fastest, right? Here is the link CopsVCowboys and additional information will be forthcoming.
07/11 UPDATES - Scores up for Hillman, Fenton, Saginaw, Urica Wild Bunch. Clean Shooters updated (let me know if I missed anyone, but I think it's good).
07/05 UPDATES - Epitaph for July available, many thanks to everyone that submits their articles. New 1873 listing in the Classifieds. Lapeer's scores are online for July (they still don't have date for June yet because of the 'Rona and missing some people that day)
06/29 UPDATES - * Fenton has a new $5 for first time shooters at their club, next match is July 10.
* Plymouth match July 23rd is the Limited Mobility Match. All stages can be done standing or sitting, shooters choice. It's a great match for those that have slowed down a bit, or for beginners to the sport.
* There are updates to the classifieds. More brass added to Andy's stuff and new pistols added to Twisted Pine Pete's.
* Scottville's June match results are up.
06/26 UPDATES - Scores for Plymouth, Utica Wild Bunch, Central Lake and th4 June11 Hillman matches online. The classifieds have been updated to the best information we have today. Cleanshooter page updated. We made a Facebook invitation to the Wild Bunch State Match - please share it to your cowboy action friends.
06/23 FENTON UPDATES - Fenton has changed their fee structure. If it's your first time shooting cowboy with the Butcher Butte Bunch at the Fenton Lake Sportsman's Club, the fee is only $5.00. Their next shoot is July 10th, if you've never shot there, try it for the first time with a discount.
06/01 RANGE WAR HOTELS AND CAMPING - We updated the Range War page with new information for partner hotels and camping.
04/18 HILLMAN COWBOY RENDEZVOUS - A PDF application for the Hillman Cowboy Rendevous is available online.
03/09 CANADIAN INVITATIONS & CLASSIFIEDS - The Canadian invitation for Range War and the Wild Bunch State Match are up. New items in classifieds, 12 gauge reloader and Winchester model 85.
02/21 WILD BUNCH STATE MATCH - Shooter online and mail in registration available for the Wild Bunch STate Championship. Vendor registration is available Mail-in only. Wild Bunch Shootout at Bloody Porch.
01/26 RANGE WAR 2022 - Online and mail in applications for Range War 2022 are available on the Range War page.

Updated: August 4, 2022