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Wooly Award

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Wolverine Rangers



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Wolverine Rangers
Cowboy Action Shooting in Michigan

Winner of the 2018 SASS Wooly Award for best match.

05/31 JUNE EPITAPH - The June Epitaph is up for your enjoyment. Scores are up for Utica, Sturgis and Central Lake. Also - the webdude is on vacation starting June 2, so I won't be able to post any results until I get back after the 11th, thank you for your consideration.
05/24 RESULTS UP - Results up for Plymouth, Breckenridge, and Utica. Not to call anyone out by name, but I'm going to because in one result, it's probably the very first time I've seen Leadfoot Luke get a clean Match while Hey Sugar did not get on in the same match. Maybe there is hope for me yet.
05/15 RESULTS UP - Results are up for Hillman May 13 and Fenton May 14. Partial results are up for Saginaw May 13.
05/10 PLYMOUTH SWAP MEET & BRUSH CREEK SHOOT - The May 20th match at Plymouth will include a swap meet before & during the match. Gear, clothing, bring to sell or trade. Table space is limited, so if you have your own table, that can help out. All State & Federal firearm laws will be followed.
Brush Creek Wranglers will be shooting outdoors this Saturday, May 13th. Registration starts at 9:00am Please let Faygo Ki dknow if you are coming so they can have enough food for lunch.
05/02 MAY EPITAPH AVAILABLE - The May Epitaph is available. We also updated the Calendar for some changes from Saginaw.
04/25 STAGE DESCRIPTIONS FOR FENTON - The Stage descriptions for Fenton's May shoot can be found here. Also a reminder that women shoot free that day, since it is Mother's Day.
Plymouth has changed their fee structure a little starting in May. $20 is the normal fee, $18 for Wolverine Ranger or WWCA members and $5 for youth (17 and under). They have new IDPA sized 16" square and round targets coming soon.
Also, scores are up for Plymouth's April match.
04/17 MANY UPDATES - There is a special letter (pdf) about the 25th anniversary of Range War, including your chance to design a stage. Scores up for Hillman, Sturgis, Utica, and Breckenridge. There are some lowered prices on stuff in the classifieds. The Members list has been updated. If you have not signed up as a Wolverine Rangers member for 2023 yet, hurry up :-)
04/06 GENERAL UPDATES - The Range War online and PDF Shooter & Vendor applications are available.
The Wild Bunch Shootout at Bloody Porch online and PDF Shooter & Vendor applications are available.
The HighWall in Classifieds has a new lower price, get it before it's gone.
04/02 RANGEWAR - CANADIAN INVITATION - The invitationletter for our friends to the North is online, or click here.
03/28 ANNIE OAKLEY MATCH - The Annie Oakley match at Plymouth is shaping up to be a lot of fun. If planning to attend, please register early, so they can get a better estimate of how much food to order and how many door prizes they'll need (download here).
03/22 HOLLOW BASE PROJECTILES - It has come to our attention that some hollow base 45 caliber projectiles have been approved for use in SASS CAS & WBAS. These bullets have a small dimple in the nose, but are not considered hollow points. See the PDF here.
03/16 LOTS OF NEWS - Range War shooter applications, both mail in and online available. Range War Page
Online Picture Calendar and New Brochure; visit the About Us page.
Central Lake Eagleville Cowboys have a new Match Director, and their first match, May 27, was added to the Calendar.
2/14 ROUNDUP IN THE SKY - It is with a sad heart we announce the passing of Secondhand Jack. He was one of Saginaw's original cowboy shooters, and the husband of the previous webmaster Laport Lil. Our condolences to Lil and the rest of Jack's family. In memoriam page
01/30/23 WOLVERINE RANGERS MEMBERSHIP OPEN - Data is on the About Us page, or click this link to pay online or this link for a PDF to print and pony express in.
01/01/23 VOTING RESULTS - Voting is over and tabulated. Results for Captain, Secretary, and Members at Large can be found on the members page.
09/04 RANGEWAR 2022 - Results can be found on the main Range War page. It was a pleasure shooting with everyone and have a safe trip home everyone.
07/25 WILD BUNCH IN THE NEWS - MLive has a story about the Michigan State Wild Bunch Match. Check it out

Updated: May 31, 2023