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Wolverine Rangers



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Wolverine Rangers
Cowboy Action Shooting in Michigan

Home of the best state match - Range War!

04/09 RESULTS POSTED- Results for April 6 Washtenaw and April 7 Lapeer posted.
04/04 LOST ANOTHER COWBOY- Black Irish Brian passed away March 28th. Also, Lots of matches are coming up in Aprill. Get out and enjoy the fun.
03/30 HILLMAN COWBOY RENDEVOUS- Application of the June 27-29 Hillman Cowboy 2 day shoot and pregame mini match is available online.
03/27 SCOTTVILLE CANCELED- March 30 shoot at Scottville is canceled.
03/22 CLASSIFIEDS- Nice looking gun cart and holster rig added to classifieds. ALso make sure to check out the other stuff that's there.
03/11 FLIP BOOK CALENDAR- Flip Book Calendar available online now.
03/08 ROAD CONSTRUCTION UTICA- For most of the 2024 season, you must approach Detroit Sportsman Congress from Northbound Dequindre. There is no access from Southbound Dequindre. When you approach Hamlin Rd, go around the barricades and turn onto Juengle Road, which leads to the cowboy range.


02/28 QUICK UPDATES- February Washtenaw results online. Lower prices on Wolverine Regulator's Vaqueros in Classifieds. Added an Obituary link for Shotgun Bill.
02/21 QUICK UPDATES- There was a mistake on the calendar. Washtenaw's next shoot is March 2nd, not the 9th. Also, we are sad to report Shotgun Bill, aka Bill Nederhoed, passed away in January.
02/14 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY- You can sign up for the Plymouth Annie Oakley match online.
Also, we have been made aware some people with items listed in classifieds have been contacted by scammers. If anyone is asking to paypal or zelle money ahead of time, it's likely a scam.
02/13 WEB UPDATES- A flyer and appliction for the Plymouth Annie Oakley ashoot are available online. ALso we have some images posted from Range War 2023 - Images from Range War Saturday and Images from the Range War Banquet
02/3/24 WEB UPDATES- Range War 2024 forms for shooters and vendors are available both online and as a pdf to mail in. Check out the Range War page.
01/22 WEB UPDATES- Lots of updates to the calendar, check it out.
01/12 WEB UPDATES- Did you know you can shoot cowboy year round, including winter? Well you can, and Washtenaw's latest scores are live. ALso, Lapeer lost a cowboy recently, thoughts and prayers are witht he family, visit the Memoriam page. ALso, some new items have been added to the classifieds page.
01/03 HAPPY NEW YEAR- You can now apply for Wolverine Ranger membership for the 2024-2025 season.
Visit the About Us page. Or to make it simpler use the following links to apply and pay online, or download a PDF and mail a check.
Also, don't forget the RO1 & RO2 classes later this month.
12/31 LAST CHANGES OF 2023- We are sad to report Pokey Packrat, aka Larry Waun, recently passed away, our thoughts and prayers are with his family. See the In Memoriam Page for more information.
Today is also the last day to vote in the election.
12/21 ELECTIONS ARE HERE- Visit the "About Us" page to vote online, or to download a PDF ballot to mail in. Vote online or postmark by Dec 31, 2023.
12/11 RO1 & RO2 PLUS UPDATES- The Wolverine Rangers will be hosting RO1 & RO2 (including refresher) classes on January 20 & 21. 2024 at the Washtenaw Sportsmen's club. For more information contact Sarge at 734-320-4941 or mzsenyuk@aol.com - Wolverine Rangers covers the RO1 class (not refresher) if you are a Ranger member.
Also - Hillman scores online and new contact at Lapeer for information.
03/22 HOLLOW BASE PROJECTILES - It has come to our attention that some hollow base 45 caliber projectiles have been approved for use in SASS CAS & WBAS. These bullets have a small dimple in the nose, but are not considered hollow points. See the PDF here.

Updated: April 9, 2024