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Wooly Award

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Wolverine Rangers



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Wolverine Rangers
Cowboy Action Shooting in Michigan

Winner of the 2018 SASS Wooly Award for best match. Come shoot with us at Range War 2019 over Labor Day weekend!

8/15 ANNOUNCEMENT FROM PLYMOUTH JOHNSON CREEK REGULATORS - The August 24th match is clothing casual match, short sleeves and tennis shoes allowed. Sept. 28th match will also include a cowboy swap meet (all state and federal rules regarding firearms will be followed).
8/11 FENTON MATCH RESULTS LIVE - What's so special about that you ask? We added a couple pictures! Mosey on over and check them out here. To raise awareness of a hobby, you need content. Pictures and videos are content. This is my plug to encourage people to snap one or two pictures per match and send them in. Email them to the Webdude.
8/11 RANGE WAR - Updates to the Range War page, latest shooters list and category list as of 8/9/2019. Also, Blue Water Sportsman Association waiver is on the page, if you are inclined to fill it out ahead of time.
8/07 RANGE WAR - There are even more updates to the Range War page, including information on the swap meet, Range Officer Certification class, and a general information sheet with camping and other information. You may share the info sheet to any pardner that may want to participate or spectate.
8/07 CLEAN MATCH  - The 2019 Clean Match awards are updated. Congratulations to our 2019 Clean Match Program winners....Ruby Red Jo (5 clean matches) and Riverview Rattler (15 clean matches).  Big Al won a Range War entry and Ginger Sass won $200 in the random drawing for members only.  
8/05 AUGUST EPITAPH IS AVAILABLE - The latest Epitaph with updates on what's up with the Wolverine Rangers is available. See it Here.
8/05 RANGE WAR - There are updates to the Range War page, including a schedule of events, updated shooters list and category list.
7/23 MEMBERSHIP SHOOT - A revised match results is now posted.
7/1 UPDATE ON PISTOL PACKIN ROD FROM HAWK WOMAN - Pistol Packin Rod a/k/a Rod Wentworth came home Saturday, June 29, 2019.  He is recovering nicely and will start physical, occupational and speak therapy.  If you get a chance please give him a call and let him know you are thinking of him..
6/23 OLD COOT SHOOT UPDATE - Please note that all future Rockford Old Coot Shoots have been removed from the calendar as they are no longer being held.
6/11 PORT HURON UPDATE - Please note that all Port Huron matches are CANCELLED until further notice.

Updated: August 15, 2019