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Wooly Award

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Wolverine Rangers



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Wolverine Rangers
Cowboy Action Shooting in Michigan

Winner of the 2018 SASS Wooly Award for best match. Come shoot with us at Range War 2019 over Labor Day weekend!

7/8 UPDATED PLYMOUTH SCORES - The following is from Slow Gin Ricky: Eagle-eyed Outrider Outlaw noticed some changes needed to be made to the June Plymouth match results. JC Wade, who is becoming a strapping young man, was registered as Buckaroo. He should have been registered as Cowboy. With the changes, JC Wade was 1st Cowboy and Tobasco Tucker was 1st Buckaroo at his very first match.  Please see the updated results.
7/7 IN CASE YOU DIDN'T READ IT - We are in need of a webmaster as I (Laporte Lil) have submitted my resignation.  Please read the article in the July Epitaph for details.  More information on request but if you've done website work before you are familiar with the drill.  Contact me at SeniorWebLady@wolverinerangers.org
7/4 OLD COOT SHOOTS - Please note that all future Rockford Old Coot Shoots have been removed from the calendar as they are no longer being held.
7/1 EPITAPH - The July Epitaph is available to view, download and or/print.
7/1 UPDATE ON PISTOL PACKIN ROD FROM HAWK WOMAN - Pistol Packin Rod a/k/a Rod Wentworth came home Saturday, June 29, 2019.  He is recovering nicely and will start physical, occupational and speak therapy.  If you get a chance please give him a call and let him know you are thinking of him..
6/24 DETAILS OF UPCOMING PLYMOUTH MATCH FROM SARGE - The next match at Plymouth is scheduled for July 27.  This is going to be a very special match for us and we are hoping for a great turnout.  We recognize that many shooters over the years  wandered away from the sport because of the physical nature of some of the stages.  We hope to encourage you to try our July match.  There will be no movement within each stage.  All shooting will be from a stationary position.  Sitting will be an option at every stage.  A couple of the stages will require the shooter to fire from a seated position.  For safety reasons, seated shooters will stage side arms on tables or bales.  And of course, our new range layout significantly minimizes walking up and down the range.

One of our stages AND our FREE side match will be with derringer or pocket pistol.  Please bring them if you have them, If not one will be provided so you can participate.
6/14 RANGE WAR - New documents have been added to the Range War page:
1. Vendor application, both online and mail-in
2. Golf cart rental information and an online registration form
3. Updated Shooter list plus, NEW THIS YEAR a Category list you will want to check to see if there are at least three shooters in your category and, if not, how many more are needed.
6/11 PORT HURON UPDATE - Please note that all Port Huron matches are CANCELLED until further notice.

Updated: July 8, 2019