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Wooly Award

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Wolverine Rangers



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Wolverine Rangers
Cowboy Action Shooting in Michigan

Winner of the 2018 SASS Wooly Award for best match.

11/20 NOVEMBER EPITAPH - The last Epitaph for 2022 is available for your reading pleasure.
11/13 UPDATES - Scores updated - see the Match Results page. A couple new items in the Classifieds.
10/7 UPDATES - Scores updated - see the Match Results page. Still some stuff, carts, rifles, pistols, in the Classifieds.
10/07 OCTOBER EPITAPH - The October Epitaph is live. It's got more pictures so is a little larger this time, so may take a second or two to download, please be patient.
09/04 RANGEWAR 2022 - Results can be found on the main Range War page. It was a pleasure shooting with everyone and have a safe trip home everyone.
07/25 WILD BUNCH IN THE NEWS - MLive has a story about the Michigan State Wild Bunch Match. Check it out
07/25 Annie Oakley Shoot - Plymouth will be hosting a womens only event, the Annie Oakley Shoot, on June 25, 2023. Camping available. Check it out.
06/23 FENTON UPDATES - Fenton has changed their fee structure. If it's your first time shooting cowboy with the Butcher Butte Bunch at the Fenton Lake Sportsman's Club, the fee is only $5.00. Their next shoot is July 10th, if you've never shot there, try it for the first time with a discount.

Updated: November 20, 2022