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Wolverine Rangers



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Wolverine Rangers
Cowboy Action Shooting in Michigan

4/18 BRECENRIDGE CANCELLATION - Due to water on the range the Saturday, April 20 match is CANCELLED.
4/17 EPITAPH - Looks like it is getting to be time for the 2019 Epitaph issues to be prepared.  Please send Outrider Outlaw articles for the May issue by Thursday, April 25.  As always, pictures are welcomed.
4/15 PLYMOUTH ANNOUNCEMENT - Howdy from Plymouth.  We are going to have our first match of the season on April 27th.  We are going to feature a free side match at every match this year.  They will be low round count, maybe 2 firearms at a time.  For example, one pistol and one shotgun, best time wins, 5 seconds added for a miss, only 2 shotgun shells allowed to knock it down.  The winner wins a free match.  Although you can participate in every side match, you can only win once.  We are working on an exploding bonus target.  We hope to have it ready for April.  Our July match will be a “Limited Mobility” match.  We want to accommodate cowboys who are wheelchair bound or have difficulty moving during a stage.  Every stage will be shot from one position with 2-3 stages having everyone shoot from the seated position.  Hope y’all can make it!  Slow Gin Ricky fka Panhead Pete
4/7 PORT HURON CANCELLATION - Please note Port Huron has cancelled their Sunday, April 28 match.
2/7 RANGE WAR APPLICATION FOR 2019 - It's springtime and if you're looking for something to do you can register for Range War 2019 which will be held Friday, August 30 thru Sunday, September 1 over Labor Day weekend.  We are again offering 1/2 off entry fees for the first 21 shooters to register online that have not shot Range War before!  Please read our cancellation policy and the letter from the Wolverine Rangers Secretary first and then register online  

Shooters that have shot Range War before can also register online or use the mail-in application

Updated: April 18, 2019