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Wolverine Rangers
Cowboy Action Shooting in Michigan

Home of the best state match - Range War!

07/12 CLUB NEWS- Saginaw will be having their "Shooter's Choice" 2-Day Shoots this coming weekend...July 13-14. Each day is a separate shoot and will be scored separately.  Shoot either day or both. It's shooter's choice! After the main match, our cooks will have one of their great lunches for you, followed by awards.  We will also be having a Mini-Wild Bunch match after awards. We have a cowboy swap meet planned so bring those goods to sell or swap.  Be sure to label with your name & price, and we leave you to do the haggling and collect your money.  For those planning to stay over and camp, we have free sites, and even some at the lake have electricity. Camping areas will be available on Friday. If you plan to camp, please let us know ahead of time...give Bad River Marty a call  989 585-3292, leave a message,  e-mail at mnbbell@yahoo.com or Katie's cell is 989 293-1908.  Hope you can join us.

Plymouth Limited mobility match, July 27th.  Our July match with stages written by Sarge, will all be stand and deliver.  They can be shot from either the seated or standing position.  If you haven't been able to shoot because of the movement, join us for a great match!  Happy Trails, Slow Gin Ricky.

Hillman is canceled for 7/13
07/06 EPITAPH & UPDATE- The July Epitaph is available. Scores for the Plymouth free shoot are updated to correct a category error.
06/30 CANCELLATIONS- Please note that Hastings & Bellaire matches for July 6 are canceled, as well as the Utica July 7 Military rifle match. If you want to scratch that itch, Washtenaw is still open on the 7th.
06/26 SCORES UP- Scores are up for last weekends shoots. Utica has some new cancellations. Clean Shoot board has been reset for the 2024/25 season. Plus, get your Epitaph articles in to Hey Sugar soon.
06/21 EAGLEVILLE CANCELED- June 22 at Eagleville is canceled due to 100% chance of thunderstorms.
06/18 HOT NEWS - Literally- From Plymouth: The weekend temperatures are forecast to be record or near record highs. Therefore our Annie Oakley Match on Saturday and Wolverine Rangers Free Match on Sunday will allow the option to wear hot weather clothing.   We will have a cooling station setup and plenty of water.   ALSO, we will be hosting a swap meet Sunday for the Free Match.  Please bring items of interest to the Cowboy community for sale or trade.  Remember any firearm sales or trades are subject to State and Federal firearm laws.
Plus some scores are up from last weekend.
06/10 SCORES UP- Scores are up for Washtenaw, Fenton, Saginaw and Hillman. Also, don't procrastinate, get your Range War application in as soon as possible.
06/02 VACATION IS OVER- Bad news is that the Webdude's tropical vacation is over, good news is he can get to more matches soon. June Epitaph available. Updated scores for the past two weeks. Sturgis, Saginaw, Utica, Hastings, Bellaire all updated.
05/20 SCORES UPLOADED- Scores for Plymouth, Breckenridge, and Utica uploaded. Webdude will be on vacation the next 2 weeks, so nexrt weeks scores will be a week late going up.
05/14 UPDATES- Slow Gin Ricky says that this Saturday's (May 18) match and the June Wolverine Rangers Free Match in Plymouth will also be a Swap 'n Sell match. Naturally all state and local laws apply. Scores up for Fenton and Hillman.
Also - the May Epitaph is available - and it's a good one.
05/08 LOTS OF UPDATES- Results are up for Bellaire, Washtenaw, Hastings, Lapeer, Utica Wild Bunch. Hastings has canceled their July 6 match. We lost two cowboys, check out the in memoriam page.
Lastly, there are still a handful of people that have not re-upped their membership in the WOlverine Rangers this year. Please get those in if you can.
04/29 MOTHERS DAY SPECIAL- Fenton's next match is on Mothers Day (May 12) and all ladies get to shoot for free, however you still need to register. I'm sure if you ask nicely, they'll even recommed a nice restaurant in the area to take your special lady to.
Scores are up for Plymouth and Scottville.
Got caught up on the clean match listings.
04/23 RESULTS POSTED- Results from April 20 & 21 matches posted. SOme minor edits to the Wild Bunch State Match page.
04/16 ANNOUNCEMENT FROM PLYMOUTH- Our first match is on April 27th.  We sure hope to see you there..  Ladies, remember our Annie Oakley Ladies Only match is coming up soon on June 22nd.  Please register asap so we have a good count for food and prizes.   We will be raffling a Rossi 92 in 38/357 and package of two Ruger Wranglers!!  
04/15 RESULTS POSTED- Results for Hillman and Fenton & Washtenaw Wild Bunch are live.
04/09 RESULTS POSTED- Results for April 6 Washtenaw and April 7 Lapeer posted.
04/04 LOST ANOTHER COWBOY- Black Irish Brian passed away March 28th. Also, Lots of matches are coming up in Aprill. Get out and enjoy the fun.
03/30 HILLMAN COWBOY RENDEVOUS- Application of the June 27-29 Hillman Cowboy 2 day shoot and pregame mini match is available online.
03/11 FLIP BOOK CALENDAR- Flip Book Calendar available online now.
03/08 ROAD CONSTRUCTION UTICA- For most of the 2024 season, you must approach Detroit Sportsman Congress from Northbound Dequindre. There is no access from Southbound Dequindre. When you approach Hamlin Rd, go around the barricades and turn onto Juengle Road, which leads to the cowboy range.


02/14 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY- You can sign up for the Plymouth Annie Oakley match online.
Also, we have been made aware some people with items listed in classifieds have been contacted by scammers. If anyone is asking to paypal or zelle money ahead of time, it's likely a scam.
02/13 WEB UPDATES- A flyer and appliction for the Plymouth Annie Oakley ashoot are available online. ALso we have some images posted from Range War 2023 - Images from Range War Saturday and Images from the Range War Banquet
02/3/24 WEB UPDATES- Range War 2024 forms for shooters and vendors are available both online and as a pdf to mail in. Check out the Range War page.
01/03 HAPPY NEW YEAR- You can now apply for Wolverine Ranger membership for the 2024-2025 season.
Visit the About Us page. Or to make it simpler use the following links to apply and pay online, or download a PDF and mail a check.
Also, don't forget the RO1 & RO2 classes later this month.
03/22 HOLLOW BASE PROJECTILES - It has come to our attention that some hollow base 45 caliber projectiles have been approved for use in SASS CAS & WBAS. These bullets have a small dimple in the nose, but are not considered hollow points. See the PDF here.

Updated: July 12, 2024