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Wooly Award

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Wolverine Rangers



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Wolverine Rangers
Cowboy Action Shooting in Michigan

Winner of the 2018 SASS Wooly Award for best match.

09/14 FENTON COPS vs COWBOYS CANCELED - The Cops vs Cowboys event scheduled for Sept 24 at Fenton has been canceled.
09/06 FENTON SEPT MATCH CANCELED - Both Longshot Lillian and Outrider Outlaw are feeling under the weather, and decided in the best interest of keeping everyone healthy, to cancel the Sept 11 match at Fenton. We wish both a speedy recovery and that they feel better soon.
09/04 RANGEWAR 2022 - Results can be found on the main Range War page. It was a pleasure shooting with everyone and have a safe trip home everyone.
09/01 COPS vs COWBOYS - Some have said that Cowboy is just 3 gun with old time firearms.  So, we are opening up the Cops and Cowboys match to 3 gun shooters to see who does a better job.  Registration has been extended to Sept. 15.  If you know any 3 gun shooters and you think they might be interested in pitting their skills against ours send them to Fenton Lake Sportsman Club to sign up.
08/29 SEPTEMBER EPITAPH UP - Pony Express for the September Epitaph just came to the hitchin' post.
08/28 RO1 CLASS AT RANGE WAR - Sarge is doing an RO1 class at Range War Thuyrsday from 1-6 at the club house. You dont have to be going to Range War to go to this class. Contact Sarge for more details.
08/28 RANGE WAR INFO - The Range War page has been updated for more event information and also importantly an updated map. Blue Water has added extra bays, and the map, and entrance for Cowboy Shooters, is different than previous years. We will be using the West entrance by the clubhouse and not the East one.
08/25 RANGE WAR HELP NEEDED - For those attending Range War, we're seeking a few more volunteers to run speed stages on Friday afternoon. Specifically Pocket Pistol and Derringer on Stage 3, between 3:00 and 4:00 pm. And Long Range Pistol Caliber Rifle and Long Range Pistol on Stage 4. Two open slots from 2:00 to 3:00 pm, and 3:00 to 4:00 pm.
If you can help out, please email Broke N West at brknwst@gmail.com, or text Broke N West at 734-395-0042.
Many thanks.
08/21 UPDATES - Sad to report that Plymouth's Carson City Slick has passed away, pictures on the In Memoriam page. Scores up for Utica and Breckenridge. Don't forget to sign up for Cops v Cowboys. Hillman Oct 8 shoot is canceled.
08/19 COPS v COWBOYS - Registration for Fenton's Cops vs Cowboys shoot closes on September 1st. There are still some openings, sign up now so they can plan for the event.
08/04 UPDATES - August Epitaph available. Hillman 2 day, Sturgis and Wild Bunch State Match results posted. Clean shooters updated. Some updates to Andy's estate in the Classifieds.
08/03 RANGE WAR UPDATES - The Range War page has been updated with: Round Count, Side Match info, category list, Who's coming, updated BWSA map, updated schedule, etc. Check it out.
07/25 WILD BUNCH IN THE NEWS - MLive has a story about the Michigan State Wild Bunch Match. Check it out
07/25 Annie Oakley Shoot - Plymouth will be hosting a womens only event, the Annie Oakley Shoot, on June 25, 2023. Camping available. Check it out.
06/29 UPDATES - * Fenton has a new $5 for first time shooters at their club, next match is July 10.
* Plymouth match July 23rd is the Limited Mobility Match. All stages can be done standing or sitting, shooters choice. It's a great match for those that have slowed down a bit, or for beginners to the sport.
* There are updates to the classifieds. More brass added to Andy's stuff and new pistols added to Twisted Pine Pete's.
* Scottville's June match results are up.
06/23 FENTON UPDATES - Fenton has changed their fee structure. If it's your first time shooting cowboy with the Butcher Butte Bunch at the Fenton Lake Sportsman's Club, the fee is only $5.00. Their next shoot is July 10th, if you've never shot there, try it for the first time with a discount.
06/01 RANGE WAR HOTELS AND CAMPING - We updated the Range War page with new information for partner hotels and camping.
03/09 CANADIAN INVITATIONS & CLASSIFIEDS - The Canadian invitation for Range War and the Wild Bunch State Match are up. New items in classifieds, 12 gauge reloader and Winchester model 85.
01/26 RANGE WAR 2022 - Online and mail in applications for Range War 2022 are available on the Range War page.

Updated: September 14, 2022