Golf Cart Rental
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The same contract that we had last year with Blue Water Lift Truck Services, Inc. applies for 2017.

Beginning at Range War 2017, golf carts and other motorized gun carts will be restricted from entering the bays due to most bays
being too small to have these carts driven into the bay.

 Two and four passenger golf carts are available for rent from Blue Water Lift Truck Service, Inc.
Contact Wesley Waite, VP all 810-364-9202 or 800-886-9204, email
  The price is $150 for a 2-passenger cart and $200 for a 4-passenger cart.
 Each shooter needs to reserve in advance and pay in advance using a credit card.
 Delivery and pickup is included in the rate which will be delivered by 9:00 a.m.
on Friday, September 1 and picked up at their convenience on Monday, September 4.

CART USAGE:   Carts can be used on the range anytime EXCEPT during the main match
unless a physical condition warrants use.