Clean Match
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Wolverine Rangers


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2017 Winners
(July 2, 2016 -
June 25, 2017)

Clean Match Winners 2017

Split Aces (27)
Hey Sugar (7)
(not pictured)
Longshot Lillian (7)

Clean Match Winners 2017

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2017 Results

Past Winners:

2016 - Split Aces and Lainey Mae

2015 - Split Aces,
Hey Sugar and
Ruby Red Jo

2014 - Split Aces and Ruby Red Jo

2013 - Split Aces and Ruby Red Jo

2012 - Dakota Fats, Split Aces and Ruby Red Jo

2011 - Dakota Fats and Ruby Red Jo

2010 - Dakota Fats, Ruby Red Jo and Cactus Kay

2009 - Dakota Fats and Ruby Red Jo

2008 - Andy Horshurodinon, Cactus Kay, KJ Stevens, Lainey Mae, Mule Skinnin' Lady and Ruby Red Jo

2007 - Dakota Fats and Mule Skinnin' Lady

2006 - Lue Dee Kriss and Spencer McCabe

Those listed below have shot at least one clean match* from July 1, 2017 to a date in 2018 TBD.
  One award each (or more if there are ties) will be presented to the man and woman
Wolverine Rangers member (all those listed below may not be Wolverine Rangers) who have shot
the most clean matches at Wolverine Rangers affiliated clubs during the above time period.
The awards will be presented at the annual 2018 Membership Shoot and Meeting yet TBD.
The winners will receive their award whether present or not.

*A clean match is defined as no misses, procedurals, safeties,
SDQ, MDQ or DNF after all stages of the match are completed.

2018 Clean Match Program
Updated:  October 16, 2017

Alabama Eleanor Jewel Nine Finger Bob
Andy Horshurodinon Faygo Kid No Name
Asleep at the Wheel Flat Water Johnny Old Doc Potter
Atlanta Sharp Four Finger Carl Old Short Tom
Attica Jack Goodshots Gettem One Son of a Gun
Avalanche Andy Grandpaw Willie Outrider Outlaw
Bad Brass Grateful Lead Perfecto Vaquero
Bad River Marty Grubby Hardrock Pistol Packin Rod
Baldy Bill Gunslinger Poco Loco
Bar-Gun Hunter Gus Grizzle Professor Bear Roar
Beaver Creek Boy Gus McCall R. J. Law
Big Bad Jim Hey Sugar Ramblin Ron
Big I hOOt Hamilton Red Beard Bandit
Billy Dixon Horse Keeper Riverview Rattler
Black Hawk Kate Horse Whisperer Rogues Pierre
Black Irish Brian Horseman's Trouble Rude Dude
Black River Bill Horserider Blue Samaurai Hunter
Blackthorne Billy Ira Bigelow Sarge
Blastin Brad J.J. Longley Sauk Valley Stubby
Broke N' West Jack Holladay Secondhand Jack
Buffalo Dick Jake Spotted Horse Serenity
Bull Dog Jim John Barleycorn Shiloh Red
Cactus Kay John Weston Skeeter Lee
Cactus Lawman Johnny Rebel Slow Lightning
Camptown Juste' Badshot Slow Poke Smith
Canadian Black Magic Katie Callahan Smoken Joe Suggs
Canadian Major Krazy Legs Kay Smokin Iron
Card Shark Charlie Lady Bandit Snareman
Carebear Lainey Mae Soaring Red Hawk
Carl Siringo Laporte Lil Split Aces
Catlow Laredo Van Steeldust Jack
Cayuse Jack Lassiter Stone Creek Drifter
Chica Leadfoot Luke Strongbox Phil
Chili Pepper Pete Lefty Wheeler T. N. Tina
Chiricahua Mama Longshot Lillian Thomas Quigley
Clint Chisum Marlin Matt Three Gun Cole
Coyote Claxton Marshal Stone Two Gun Troll
Crazy Mingo Marshal Washburn Three Guns Tim
Crazy Nate Mercantile Annie Triple Threat
D.K. Tracker Mr. Beerbelly Willie Two Sons
Dakota Doc Ms. Blazin Whiskey Rick
Dancing Dan   Wilbur Green Rexroat
Deuce Stevens   Wildcat Maverick
Deuce's Uncle Johnny   Wrangler Ron
Dimpled Darlin   Ya Big Tree
Dirty Bart   Yip E Kia
Dirty Dave    
Doc Noper    
Dog Bite    
Drover Dan    
Duel'in Dylan