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**** Important Notices ****

5/18 SHOOT CANCELLATIONS - Please note that we have two shoot cancellations at the end of May:
Scottville - Saturday, May 27
Port Huron - Sunday, May 28
5/15 CALL FOR EPITAPH ARTICLES - Please have your articles for the June issue of the Epitaph to me by Friday, May 26.  Pictures are always welcome.
5/4 SUNSET TRAIL - Our pard Royal Flush passed on Sunday, April 30 after a long hard battle with cancer.  Services were held on Friday, May 5.   A complete obituary is available here.  As a tribute to Chuck, many wore cowboy attire to his service.  Our condolences to the family.  Rest in Peace, Royal Flush.
5/2 RO INSTRUCTORS - Please note that Dakota Doc and Cactus Kay have resigned from teaching ROI and ROII.
4/16 ROCKFORD 2-DAY SHOOT - The registration form for Rockford's 2-day shoot on June 2-4 (actually 3-days with Friday night mini matches included) is now available on the Calendar page and also the Rockford page.
4/11 RANGE WAR APPLICATIONS - The Board of Directors of the Wolverine Rangers has made some changes to the entry fees for Range War 2017.  The Main Shooter Fee has increased to $115 and the Spouse Fee has increased to $100.  We have also taken the advice of some of our shooters and added a Young Adult category for shooters 17-21 years of age with a $50 entry fee.  Junior Shooters are free, but does not include the Sunday Banquet.  Junior Shooter banquet tickets can be purchased for $10.  All mini matches will be free for 2017 and includes a Plainsman Mini Match on Friday at 1:00 pm.  We will also have a free pizza lunch on Friday on the Range.  Please feel free to contact R.J. Law or Cosmopolitan Christine at (248) 528-0440 if you have any questions.  Hope to see you at Range War 2017!  PLEASE NOTE:  Shooter and vendor applications both mail-in and online are now available on the Range War page.
  CONTINUED PRAYERS - Please keep our pards in your thoughts and prayers, keep in contact with them and follow their progress to recovery.
Bad River Marty mnbbell@yahoo.com
Buggy Man geraldknow@gmail.com
Rancher Roy royturay@gmail.com
Rainmaker Ray

Updated:   Monday, May 22, 2017