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**** Important Notices ****

3/3 MEMBER-AT-LARGE ELECTION RESULTS - Doc Noper will occupy the 8th member-at-large position on the Wolverine Rangers Board of Directors following the recent run-off election.
3/3 UPDATE ON "FIGHTING" MAD MONGO - Very sad to report that "Fighting" Mad Mongo of Ohio has lost his hard fought battle with cancer.   Services will take place Saturday, March 7.  Click here to read the full obituary.  Our sympathy to the Millar family.  You may contact his wife Red Bud at millarsworld@hotmail.com  or post your comments on the SASS Wire.  Fighting Mad Mongo
2/17 GREAT LAKES MATCH #18 - Information on this annual shoot held May 23, 24 and 25 is available on both the Calendar and Lapeer webpages.
2/3 ANOTHER LIFE SAVED - Please check the Charities webpage to read the Gillary Foundation newletter regarding the three lives saved by AED's donated from funds raised at past Range Wars.  Also is a paragraph about the most recent life saved at Hamilton High School on January 20, 2015.  This is the second life saved at that facility with a Range War funded AED.  Our cowboys and cowgirls should be proud that their contributions have made a BIG difference in four lives!
  CONTINUED PRAYERS - Please keep our pards in your prayers, keep in contact with them and follow their progress to recovery.
Adobe Gillis  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/stevehoward 
Bad River Marty mnbbell@yahoo.com
Red Keg Will redkegwill@tds.net
Axle Shaff - axleshaff@yahoo.com



Updated:   Thursday, March 5, 2015