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**** Important Notices ****

9/28 FENTON OCTOBER SHOOT - Just a reminder that Fenton will be shooting Sunday, October 9th.  Also, two Cadillacs will be given away.....one to the top shooter and one to the winner of a drawing of the clean shooters!
9/28 South Paul's funeral details can be found by clicking here.  If attending the funeral, cowboy attire is encouraged.

SUNSET TRAIL (Posted on the SASSWire by Deuce Stevens)
- Today (September 24) South Paul (Paul Wolcott) collapsed after shooting a clean stage.  CPR and a defibulator were used by cowboys on the range until the first responders arrived.  They were unable to bring him back.  South Paul's CAS career was only a few years long but he loved every second of it.  I know that for many and myself included there is a big hole in the game without him.  I will miss our phone conversations, his energy for life, his convictions, weekends at his cabin in the northwoods shooting the breeze around the campfire and his awesome sense of humor.  He leaves his wife, three children and three grandchildren that dearly loved their Grandpa.  Please say prayer for them.  Rest in peace my friend, until we meet again.
9/25 RANGE WAR 2016 PHOTOS - All photos from the list on the Range War page are now posted under the Photographs 2016 tab on the left (on the Range War page.)
9/17 CALL FOR EPITAPH ARTICLES - If you have any articles of interest for the October Epitaph, please try to have them to Outrider Outlaw by September 27th.  Also, photos are welcome so please include any that are relevant.  No promise that all photos will be included, but several will be in each issue.
9/13 PORT HURON CANCELLATION - Port Huron has cancelled their October 23 match.
8/13 HASTINGS SHOOT - Hastings has CANCELLED their October 8 shoot.  Please update your calendar accordingly.
8/4 *** UPDATE *** TO HILLMAN SHOOTS - The October 8 Monthly Cowboy Shoot for Hillman previously cancelled IS BACK ON!!!!!.  Several members have stepped up to take over for Rancher Roy.  Thanks for taking over, pards!

*** UPDATE ON RANCHER ROY *** - Rancher Roy suffered a heart attack recently and then had complications after the open heart surgery.  He suffered a stroke that has effected his memory and some of his motor skills.  Please keep Rancher Roy in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.  You may contact him via email.
  CONTINUED PRAYERS - Please keep our pards in your thoughts and prayers, keep in contact with them and follow their progress to recovery.
Bad River Marty mnbbell@yahoo.com
Buggy Man geraldknow@gmail.com
Rancher Roy royturay@gmail.com

Updated:   Wednesday, September 28, 2016