Clean Match Aug 16, 2019 - Old Style Shoot:

Clean Match Aug 17, 2019 - Annual Pig Roast:
       Cactus Lawman
       Card Shark Charlie    
       Faygo Kid
       Hey Sugar   
       hOOt Hamilton
       Lainey Mae
       Laredo Van   
       Longshot Lillian
       Wild Cat Maverick

Sucker Creek Saddle & Gun Club - Aug 16, 2019 Old Style Shoot

Sucker Creek Saddle & Gun CLub - Aug 17, 2019 - Annual Pig Roast

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This month’s shoot was our 2nd annual combo… old school & Pig roast camping extravaganza.

We had some great weather for a change!  A bunch of shooters showed up on Thursday, and we had a great time, sharing stories & food & all sorts of fun stuff.

We started out with a pancake breakfast on Friday morning and spent several hours decorating the pavilion to celebrate Hoot & Helena’s 50th wedding anniversary.  We were all ready when they showed up Friday around noon…boy were they surprised!

Come 3:00 pm we started our old school shoot with 17 shooters.  We had to flip a coin to see which direction we had to shoot the shotgun knockdowns; we shot the Texas star, and had to climb on a horse to shoot our pistols.  Lots of crazy stuff like having to dig through empty shotgun shells to find your shells.  Getting a ticket on the train and having to take it up by the engine, ring the bell and punch the ticket before shooting the stage.  Lots of laughs…hope to do it again next year!

We ended the evening with burgers and hotdogs, and everyone brought a dish to pass…it was another great cowboy meal!

Saturday was another beautiful day to shoot cowboy…we had a nice group of 32 shooters here to enjoy the shoot and partake in a great pig roast, again prepared by Gold Tooth Dave & Randy,  Many thanks to them for the great meal!  We had 9 clean shooters and Doc Noper was our overall champ for the day.

Next stop is Range War…hope to see everyone there.

Chica and I, and Cardshark Charlie and Lainey Mae will be heading to Sparta, Illinois for their State shoot, and from there we will head to Minnesota for our Regional shoot. Going to be a busy month!

Be seeing you all on the trail,

Riverview & Chica


Special thanks to Riverview Rattler for the photos